Pier 40 will not survive Deborah Glick. It’s time for her to step aside.

To step aside over her fundamental lack of clout, OR, to STEP DOWN, over her grotesque and embarrassing failure to condemn Sheldon Silver.

Why isn’t the silence of Deborah Glick regarding Sheldon Silver a scandal in the community of Greenwich Village?

While it became clear long ago to many of us that Silver should step down or be forced to step down, (see my post of September 12, 2012):


the real issue is our inability as Village voters, outside of Silver’s district, to directly affect his role as Speaker. The only way to do that is to affect, at the polls, the tenure of our own Assemblymember.

This community needs to begin having an honest conversation about the weaknesses and all too late responses to crises, of Deborah Glick. While a reliable progressive legislator, she has an abysmal failure rate on ideas, guidance, or solutions for the big-ticket items of most importance to this community, NYU, Trinity, Pier 40, and of course, the unbelievable and unforgivable loss of Saint Vincent’s, the single greatest source of safe harbor for Greenwich Village. Where was she the night of Hurricane Sandy, or the next day?

Her prime sponsored legislation, according to her Assembly site, is nearly thirty percent animal rights legislation, not the prime concern of this community. Is the sale or movement of feral pigs
( http://assembly.state.ny.us/leg/?bn=A03767 )
of enough concern to Villagers on a daily basis that it overshadows seeking capital funding for Pier 40? Is it more relevant than creating an entity which would cause the sharing of Parks/Conservancy-raised dollars with the city parks as a whole, as Daniel Squadron has proposed? Why is the only money coming to Pier 40 from a zoning variance related gift from developers?

She has an admirable progressive record on the many issues easily identifiable as of obvious importance the district. But there must be an equally progressive, and more suitably courageous individual in this district who is more (or actually) up to the task of confronting leadership, and the threats ahead. Saving Pier 40, and of course, having the basic moral courage to stand up to an Assembly Speaker who has used taxpayer dollars to coverup a lengthy and intolerable sexual abuse scandal.

Our AssemblyWOMAN has shown an utter lack of courage when it comes to confronting the second most despicable weapon (only slightly behind rape) in the arsenal of the war against equality for women: sexual fondling, pressure, and harassment by politicians with vast power and influence. Both Lopez, and Silver.

Why does this community continue to tolerate lack of action on the part of Deborah Glick? Is it exhaustion? Is everyone too busy? Are we afraid she can not be adequately replaced? (Every politician can be, sometimes an improvement). Are we worried about losing money from, or influence in, Albany? After her twenty-two years in office you would think that this district would have power and importance enough to get the big-ticket items handled. As I have long said, the power to say “no” falls well short of using that power to create solutions. To get Pier 40 done. To stand up to Sheldon Silver prepared to fight the expected district retribution.

Solution free, alternative free prevention, that is, her easy and obvious “no” to housing on Pier 40, coupled with silence on sexual coverup at our expense has exposed a weak, uninspired and fearful legislator. This can no longer be denied. We all said “no” to housing.  Only Glick, with silence, has effectively said “yes” to Silver, and to coverup.

And what of us? I simply do not understand this lack of demand for moral conviction and action from Greenwich Villagers and other residents of her district. It is a community failure, as well as hers.

Our Assemblymember has failed us, and the only way we can get to Sheldon Silver, is to get to our own Assemlymember, who empowers Silver, at the polls here at home. It is time for an alternative to Deborah Glick.

If this community continues to give her a free pass, both Pier 40, and the hard-earned potential for an economic and equal future for women in New York City and State, will continue to wither, and deteriorate.

Deborah Glick is a well intentioned progressive legislator, but she is a follower and a responder.  This community needs a visionary, as well as a leader who has the basic and obvious political courage needed to confront Sheldon Silver, and to save Pier 40.

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