Are inertia/cowardice in Greenwich Village more damaging than corruption?

The Republican war on women? I say fear and hypocrisy in the New York State Assembly.
Time to clean house in Greenwich Village.
Assemblymember Deborah Glick’s relevance continues to wane, she simply has lost the ability to think ahead, to think innovatively in any fashion, and she and Christine Quinn have been given a free pass to office for far too long. Glick apparently has been spending her summer having some friend make a ridiculous drawing to show what “shouldn’t be” on Pier 40, and focusing with insane intensity on preventing housing, rather than doing the job we elected her to do, which is to seek, present and promote fiscally prudent and actually possible alternatives. The best comment she can come up with about the Durst plan is that it has “great potential for natural light”?! What is this, her living room? That’s broker-speak. Why isn’t she reaching high and focusing laser like on this property; it should be a 24/7 fanatical pursuit. Get out to Silicon Valley and talk to venture capitalists about funding the “world’s greatest renewable energy research and development facility”, one where wind, solar and water driven technologies can all be tested (and manufactured) in one place?? The greatest research center in the world, WITH park and fields, a triumph. Where is her ambition? Or remembering when we brought it up years ago that production professionals seemed to think that the river presented impossible to overcome attenuation issues for recording? Elected officials in other cities and states are out there, hungry, traveling, finding, lobbying for and creating renewable energy, biotech, internet and medical research facilities, and Glick is beginning to favor, after all of this fighting, what essentially will amount to a mall. You want presenters with unique Pier 40 plans, GO FIND THEM! Or create them. Pitch THEM something. All the while staying silent on Sheldon Silver’s use of taxpayer money to pay off victims of old school bully and sexual predator Vito Lopez. We know now that she will not protect women, what would she have done if the victims were members of the LGBT community? Would she have stayed silent? This is an utter embarrassment. Where are the Pier 40 ideas, and where is the money? That question goes out to the Assemblymember, and to folks like Mr. Capsis of the Westview newspaper, who continues to blather on about a long gone Village, promoting grandiose hospital ideas with no backing or interest from principal parties. The concrete kind we had with Major League Soccer. There must be some local with political ambition, and ideas, willing to wage a bona-fide write-in campaign for this Assembly seat. My Greenwich Village landlord, who is a Republican running for a Senate seat in Westchester, is fanning the flames of this Assembly debacle in his campaign, and he is right. Not a bad man, Bob Cohen, but a dyed in the wool free-marketeer who seeks to end rent regulation, and has large holdings in the Village. Is he even on our Assemblymember’s radar, and what is she doing to help the Democratic candidate in Westchester overcome this threat? Democratic Assemblymembers, including Deborah Glick in my district, have ceded moral high ground to the Republicans in the Assembly and Senate, which is pathetic, cowardly and outrageous.

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